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About Us

Cash4Tech is brought to you by Stock Must Go Limited, the Staffordshire based electronics specialist, established in 2012. Stock Must Go works alongside some of Europe's best known electronics retailers and we hope that we'll be able to work with you too, whether you've got one device to trade or one thousand!

We're a friendly, professional team and are focussed on providing you with a great price for your device, along with unrivalled customer service.

When you trade-in a device with Cash4Tech, you can be assured that we'll take good care of your device, our own technicians will test it thoroughly (ensuring any data is securely erased) and we'll pay you quickly. Simple!

Cash4Tech will give your unwanted device a new life! Making you money and helping to save the environment.

The friendly team at Cash4Tech are ready and waiting to help you. Got a question, need help or just want to say "HI!", get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

If we can't repair a broken device, we tear it down for spares. Whatever we can't use is sent to be recycled. The environment is important to us, it's our planet too!

Selling in Bulk?

You can recycle up to 10 devices at a time through our website.

If you're a business with a large quantity of phones, computers or tablets, Cash4Tech would be happy to offer you competitive pricing through our corporate recycling programme. We'll help your business to maximise the financial return on your old technology, mobile phones, laptops, PCs and iPads and more.

Our friendly, dedicated team can help you with product valuation, logistics and data security. So contact our specialists today on corporate@cash4tech.co.uk for more information on technology recycling for your business.

Whatever business you're in, we'll help you make the most Cash4Tech!

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