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Why Choose Us?

Recycle all types of devices
Free Postage Pack
Full Testing Process & Guaranteed Data Wipe
Same Day Payments
Free Returns
Damaged & Faulty Devices Accepted
Provide a great service
Always professional & Happy to help!

What We Do

We strive to provide the great service you deserve when recycling your unwanted tech. Our customer support team are always happy to help via telephone, email or online chat. We can also provide instant updates on your order at any time - so you know exactly when to expect your cash.

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Trade in your device and Cash4Tech will bring it back to life! It will make you some money and help the environment.

Here at Cash4Tech we are interested in providing you with a great service. Our professionals really care about you and your device.

Cash4Tech want to help the environment so we will never waste a device that we know can have further life elsewhere.

Selling in Bulk?

You can recycle up to 10 devices at a time through our website.

If you're a business with a large quantity of phones, computers or tablets, Cash4Tech would be happy to offer you competitive pricing through our corporate recycling programme. We'll help your business to maximise the financial return on your old technology, mobile phones, laptops, PCs and iPads and more.

Our friendly, dedicated team can help you with product valuation, logistics and data security. So contact our specialists today on corporate@cash4tech.co.uk for more information on technology recycling for your business.

Whatever business you're in, we'll help you make the most Cash4Tech!

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